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Julie Bennett CTT(owner/technician) 

Certified and Member of IACT                                                                             IMG_0267 2      Member of IACT Thermographers                 

Julie has degrees, licenses and 30 years of experience in occupational, physical, and massage therapies. She has used thermography for over ten years and since 2015  is pleased to bring the most advanced technology to west Michigan. She is eager to promote this painless, potentially life-saving technology for the health of others.

For more information about IACT (International Academy of Clinical Thermography) click here.

For more information about IACT(International Association of Certified Thermographers) click here.

For information about Julie’s massage business, Touch of Health Therapeutic Massage, click here.

Mandy Lohman CTT(technician/business)

Certified and Member of IACT

Mandy holds two Masters degrees in elementary education and educational leadership and has over 25 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, and trainer. As a patient, she has used thermography for over seven years. Her goal is to assist in educating members of the west Michigan community about the benefits of thermography.




Advanced Thermal Imaging is proud to have the highest quality high-resolution camera on the market, and it is the only camera of its kind in Michigan. The detector is made from a highly-sensitive material which provides more clarity and a less distorted image. The 50mm lens is the largest in the industry, and the spatial resolution and superior thermal stability are the best on the market. Other more technical qualities make this the most superior and state-of-the-art camera on the market today.