NML-Trans-Color-LThermography is FDA-approved as an adjunct and has been well-researched since the1950’s, including over 800 studies in the last 30 years. Hundreds of thousands of women have participated in breast thermography studies which have shown that the use of thermography increases survival rates. Please read more facts in Dr Amalu’s comprehensive and enlightening review by clicking Review of Breast Thermology.

Effectiveness of Thermography and Detection of Breast Cancer

Digital infrared imaging is “a valuable adjunct to mammography and ultrasound, especially in women with dense breast [tissue].”  Read further research in          Effectiveness of IR in the detection of BCA 2008.

“Cold Challenge”

Some practitioners of thermography ask clients to bathe their hands in cold water between images.  The purpose of that practice is to cool the body for detecting heat change between series of images.  This practice has been the subject of research and debate,  the latest research outlining the “cold challenge” (as it has been called) is unnecessary.  You may view the research in the article, IEEE-Dynam-StressTest2004 (1)

 At Advanced Thermal Imaging we do not routinely use the cold water procedure, though we are prepared to do so, should our clients request it.

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Your hormones and your health.

As you grow out of your teens your hormones gradually become an important factor in your general health. Since hormones may be a factor in the growth of cancer, thermography may be able to provide a warning. If you would like to know sources of hormone imbalance from your diet and environment, click on the following link.

Phytoestrogens no help in BCA risk 2004



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