What is Thermal Infrared Imaging?

Infrared imaging, known as thermography, is specific evaluation of skin temperature patterns, which may reflect normal or abnormal functions of the body. Extremely sensitive infrared cameras and sophisticated computers detect and produce high-resolution images of changes in the surface of the body. Thermography is completely safe, painless, and extremely effective, not requiring radiation or contact with any body tissues. It has proved helpful in the adjunctive assessment of breast cancer, diabetes, headaches, neck and back problems, arthritis, soft tissue injury, and other physical problems. Advanced Thermal Imaging is proud to be the only thermal imaging office in Western Michigan that offers a full spectrum of body thermal assessments:



  • breast
  • breast and thyroid
  • full body
  • partial body


                                                                    safe and effective

Breast Infrared Imaging

Because breast thermography detects thermal vascular changes (angiogenesis or formation of new blood vessels is necessary to sustain the growth of a tumor), it may be your best tool for early detection of breast cancer.

Breast thermography may also detect thermal markers that suggest hormonal disruption–especially during peri-menopausal and post-menopausal years. Hormonal disruption not only affects your physical and emotional comfort; it may also lead to cancer.

potentially life-saving∼

Body Infrared Imaging

Medical infrared imaging is a helpful and painless method which may offer early warning for serious health conditions or incidents, such as stroke, thyroid disorders, and diabetes.

A unique property of infrared imaging is that it indicates how the body is functioning. It does this by providing a physiological thermal heat map of the body (in distinction from tests such as MRI’s, ultra-sound, or mammography, which provide pictures of structural elements).

painless and preventative


Note:  Thermal imaging is not a replacement for any other form of testing, but should be used in addition to other tests. This technology cannot see into the cavities inside the body.  Its strength and usefulness is to assess the surface temperature of the body, which can help a patient’s doctor to discover physical conditions. For that reason it is a tool for analysis and risk assessment.

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